Who We Are

We are not really sure yet, but…

We are nothing. We are nobody. We are an illusion. An fleeting expression of the universe in it’s beautiful complexity.

We don’t pretend to be anyone, neither do we recognise anyone.

We are all that. We are you.

Independent, radical, conservative, liberal, practical or hysterical. Besides that we also do banging over weekends and we do like it in the creative way. Our message is simple. Be different. Be good.

Indeed, hmmm! But anyway we have used to exist as a printed magazine called Bubble Jam DeLite, which was printed and distributed in London between December 2001 and June 2004.

And just for the sake of crediting enormous effort put into creating Bubble Jam DeLite from many on da scene…

(especially debbie, don, eli, emma, fraser, funk cutter, greg, hittite vodku, intrepid, jam gorilla, lisa, mad knitter, magda, mandi (both of them), mullah nasrudin, dizzy lizzie, pinkie, prosiak, reverend sven, samia, sara, simon magus, stephane, tony and GBA printers – Thank You! )

The Bubble Jam crew

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