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The FBI are warning of a increase in a virus that hijacks PCs, and impersonates the agency by demanding fines for illegal downloads.

Reveton displays a threatening message and blocks users from using their computers until they have paid the so-called fines.

As well as extorting money, the virus also steals all the passwords stored on the PC.

Unlike previous scams that demanded credit card payments, Reveton uses pre-pay MoneyPak cards that are harder to clamp down on.

From Krebs on Security:

Unlike scareware scams, ransomware schemes do not rely on credit card payments from victims — a key pressure point for squashing affiliate programs that help spread this crud. Most previous ransomware schemes have used alternative payment systems such as Ukash and Paysafe. The Reveton attacks that spoof the FBI instruct victims to pay their “fines” via MoneyPak, which allows people who don’t have bank accounts to send money and pay bills at participating businesses. MoneyPak cards are available for purchase at Wal-Mart, CVS and other retailers, and can be reloaded with cash, and can be used to send money to PayPal accounts, prepaid credit cards, and to pay bills for some cell phone companies and DirectTV.

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