Bad Call

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Call Centre

Call Centre

The Ministry of Justice is planning to open call centres inside prisons as part of plans to expand employment for prisoners.

But the plans appear to fly in the face of assertions by Ken Clarke, minister for justice, that such schemes would not take away jobs from the law abiding.

From The Guardian:

In a leaflet sent out to various organisations late last year, UrbanData said it could offer “lower costs and overheads” if businesses signed up.

“The opportunity for your organisation is a higher corporate responsibility profile by engaging in a high-profile initiative supported by the Ministry of Justice, lower costs and overheads for trained contract centre agents, flexible resources that can deal with overflow calls and specific projects, all dedicated to growing and supporting your business,” the leaflet read.

Advertising the scheme as a “fantastic rehabilitation revolution” the flyer added that prison-run call centres could offer trained operators “with British Regional [sic] accents as an effective alternative to off shoring operations”. A marketing email sent with the flyer confirmed the plans to get prisoners to work manning phones were backed by the government.

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