Hacked Off

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Anonymous' Flag

Anonymous’ Flag

When a hacker tried to impress Anonymous by defacing a site that raises money for charity, he found out that the infamous hacking group do not take kindly to such actions.

Bryan Bruce’s Redsky Film and Television website was hacked by some using the handle ‘@AnonVoldemort’, so he asked for help via Facebook to resolve the problem.

To his surprise, members of Anonymous stepped up to identify the rogue hacker.

From The New Zealand Herald:

Mr Bruce was told that hackers had a code of conduct and Anonymous was upset by what had happened to his site.

“Apparently, one of the rules is you don’t hack charity sites, you don’t hack sites of people trying to help kids. This guy was trying to impress them, to try and get into their group and boasting about what he’d done – but they turned on him, they chased him.”

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